Advanced DC Power Supply

The GPS series of programmable switch power supplies has the superior features of high efficiency, small size, ripple noise and low EMI because it uses unique technology and high-performance power devices. Four modes (Normal, Preset, Remote, Circle) meet user’s different demands as far as possible. The power supply is connected to PC conveniently through USB interface on the front panel. The user can monitor the power supply remotely.


  • Low-ripple noise
  • High Efficiency
  • Active PFC, Power factor is more than 97% at the rated output
  • Four operation modes (Normal, Preset, Remote,Cycle)
  • Users can set 10 sequence and 999 cycles through the buttons on the panel without PC
  • 10 groups of preset values of current and voltage
  • OUTPUT ON/OFF switch
  • USB Remote control and monitor
  • Remote sense
  • Large LCD display, setting and outputing showed separately, clearly
  • System default OVP, OCP, OTP protection functions and flexible user-setting OVP, OCP
  • CV/CC mode
  • Small Volume
  • Full metal enclosure with very low EMI
  • Universal Input:90VAC-264VAC(Model number has suffix 'U')
Powersort descending Models Specification
112 W 100W.pdf
200 W 200W.pdf
320 W 320W.pdf
480 W 480W.pdf
640 W 640W.pdf
1000 W 1000W.pdf
2000 W 2000W.pdf